Saturday, October 24, 2020

Rainy day, new planner, yummy food


I got woken up by the rain that was pouring outside. It's raining and thundering even now as I am typing this while I listen to scary stories on youtube too. haha

When I got out of the house it was still raining and the water was cold!

I had to run a bit to the car and was a bit rainy till the store. I went with my mom to walmart earlier. I didn't know we were going to go, but I'm glad I did go because you will see what I ended up getting!!

 I originally wanted to get a makeup product, but the thing was that I couldn't find anything that I wanted...

So I decided to check the stationery isle. I wasn't going to, but I was like well let me just check what they got going on. As I was walking to the stationery isle I saw the workers putting and fixing some planners. I felt bit rude so was waiting for them to finish. When one of the workers moved to the other side of the isle I went to where she was at first and I noticed they had the Disney princess happy planner planners!

I was very shook because I'm like whoa what were the chances since I always imaged I would never even get to see them in person because, people really love happy planner and buy everything! I also saw they had the sticker book and a quickly flipped through it and looked cute, but I knew I couldn't buy more than one thing. I had looked at the clearance planners first, but the one I liked wasn't there so I was like darn.

So I decided to get the princess one! hehe. The thing was is that my favorite one was the purple one the one that had Pocahontas on it, but of course they didn't have that one since I think those will be released in November. I didn't kinda want to wait so I thought hmm okay, I will get this one. I mean they're all cute, right?

I'm quite excited that I have a classic happy planner because, I have never had a classic size one. I also told my friend about it since she was interested in getting one as well. Hopefully she can get one so we can match haha.

Oh yes, also when we were at walmart he cashier accidentally scanned the planner twice and we didn't notice till in the car so we went back and got a refund for it. I'm so glad we notice because, happy planners are not cheap and it would of sucked not noticing!!

When I got home I let the dogs out to pee and still raining. hehe

Then I got ready and we went to do an errand. 

My outfit since was colder.Omg how the weather got so much colder! I had wet hair so it was really cold!! I was a bit paranoid to get sick since my hair was super cold.

Then we walked and got some food hehe.

Hehe waiting to get the food.

When we got home we had our yummy food. We got pizza and tacos!

It was all so yummy!! Of course we didn't finish all of it and left for leftovers. Hehe

We were watching ghost adventures while eating! Finally they had some of the new episodes!

Then I went outside to talk on the phone but couldn't be out there too long since it's so cold!!

I came inside and watched youtube then ate leftovers again and just flopped and watched a show called a discovery of witches if I remember correctly hehe.

It was a pretty nice day. hehe

Boy with luv - BTS

Friday, October 23, 2020

Changes & nostalgia


You know these days I have been very  nostalgic and want to make changes to my life. I feel like I want to find a career I wanna do and whatnot and have been looking at day in lives of people in their careers. So that is one thing that I have been thinking so much about.

Also, kinda random, but I was watching this girl I watch on youtube and she was talking of how she has given up her smartphone for a while now and uses old school ones and even the pay as you go ones. For some reason it made me nostalgic... like hey, that kind of sounds neat! I kinda want to try again. haha

The only problem with that is that I have half of my friends that live around the world and I don't think I can use the computer as often as I can to message. hehe Also, my Hello kitty world 2 game... I need it. haha But I do miss the phones a bit. I don't have social media on my phone like apps anymore and I feel really good about it! It's been a while too. Only thing is when I go on the browser on my phone to see what's the news with BTS on twitter.

I kind of miss the flip phones. haha. I think that's why the samsung z flip phone has caught my eye so much! The only thing it's soooo expensive! lol. hmmm simplicity sounds nice though....

Again, jumping to the career topic... hmm I really want to find something and I feel a bit more inspired...

To be honest, I just want to change and move forward in life...

Spooky Halloween music - Grimm music world